The end of the year season is as special in Nice as in any other part of the world.  Even if the evenings are now quite fresh or even cold in early December, the days are usually sunny and very pleasant.  Like in Alsace where they started a long time ago, Nice also has its own “Marché de Noël” or “Xmas Market”.

You won’t find a lot of the Alsatian hot wine (vin chaud) or sausages (wurst), but there are plenty of churros, crèpes and local stuff such as candies, cheese, foie gras, home-made ham and salamis, fruits, etc.  A little walk around the Place Massena and the “Coulée Verte” will allow you to discover numerous little shops and a lot of ideas for souvenirs and presents.   A perfect way to get ready for a wonderful dinner in the old town, just across the street.


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