Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions – a list of actual questions from our guests with their answers. Do not hesitate to contact us if you do not find the answer to your questions.


Q. How close are you to the beach and restaurants?

A. To the beach, the property is about 2 km away on foot, going through the park, and it takes about 20 minutes.  By car, it is less than 4 km (2.5 miles) away and it takes less than 10 min.

To the nearest restaurant: we have a great Italian restaurant down the hill and a French one above us in the hills. Both can be reached in about 5 minutes by car.  But you will find many, many, restaurants by the beach or in the city center and old town, all about 10 minutes away.

Q. Is there any shop/supermarket near the Villa?

A. The nearest shops (mini supermarket, bakery, and butcher) are located down the hill from the house. It takes 5 minutes or less by car, and 10-15 minutes on foot down through the park.

Q. Is there a playground for kids in the neighborhood?

A. There is a beautiful natural park with olive trees just in front of our gated community. When you go down in the park for 5 – 7 minutes or so, you will find a playground for kids with a Jungle gym, swings, etc.

Q. How far is the nearest train station, and does it have parking?

A. The nearest train station (Gare de Nice-Ville) is about 4 km (2.5 miles) or 10 minutes (by car) away from the property.  There is parking (paying) by the station, so you can easily leave your car and take a train.

Q. How long does it take to get to the closest highway?


Going to the East, toward Antibes and Cannes, the house is about 5 minutes away from the “Voie Rapide” (Fastway) and the nearest highway entrance is then about 10 minutes away.

Going to the West, toward Monaco and the Italian border, the highway entrance is about 15 – 20 minutes away.


Q. Do you think we need a car? Or would we be able to take taxis or buses into Nice and trains along the coast?

A. This is not an easy question to answer because it really depends on how you’re planning to spend your time. Some of our guests stay home and some visit the region.  

We do recommend that our guests have a car, mainly for convenience reasons, but some prefer not to and use a combination of walking, bus, taxi, and Uber.The villa is located on a hill and the nearest shops (mini market, bakery, and butcher) are about 15 minutes away on foot. There is a wonderful park right in front of the gated community and it is very pleasant to go down this way to reach the shops, but it is certainly more demanding to come back up with the groceries.There is a bus stop very near our place, but its frequency is limited (one or two buses per hour). Taxis can be a solution — they are readily and easily available around town and can be called in for pickup at the villa.

Uber (or similar companies) is another good option. A car usually arrives in front of the gated community in less than 10 min and the cost is more than reasonable.  Of course, as anywhere else, it all depends on the time of the day.

Trains and buses along the coast and between cities and villages are certainly easy, and they are quite cheap. We do not have specifics as we never used them.So the choice is yours. As for me, I still would recommend that you consider using a car.

Q. Given that parking a car in Nice is difficult during the peak season in Summer, how do you best suggest going into the city from your home? We will likely rent a car, but I prefer to not try to park in Nice.

A. Parking within Nice can be tricky. What I usually do is go down by car and go directly to one of the numerous parkings. I used to try to park in the streets, but it is usually impossible unless you’re lucky. The parking got much better recently as they do show you beforehand if there is space available or not, and the new LED system inside quickly and clearly shows where the empty spots are. This is, of course, not full proof, and trying to park Court Saleya around 9 pm at the end of July is just not reasonable. In this case, I would suggest another couple of parking outside of the old town. The best way to usually do this is by being careful of the timing — Like in any other city nowadays, people tend to move to the same spot at the same time — one just has to go there a little earlier.

Q. Could we easily park 2 cars?

A.  you can easily park two or three cars within our property, and there is additional parking space just in front of the house, within the gated community

Q. Could you describe the availability of public transportation for people to individually go to the beach or the town?

A. As for the public transportation, there is a bus stop about 300 meters away from our place to go to the city. There are, however, only about one or two buses per hour, and you may have to change to go to the beach. An alternative is simply to walk (quite a few of our guests have chosen this option) down the hill through the beautiful park d’Estienne d’Orves and then to the beach (about 10 minutes) or to the town (about 20-30 minutes).

Q. We are planning to visit Monaco, is your villa anywhere near somewhere commutable to get there?

A. We are about 30-40 minutes away from Monaco by car, or you can go to Monaco by train (30 minutes) — Nice train station is a mere 10 minutes away from the villa.

<The property>

Q. How large is the garden?

A. There are about 1,000 m2 (about 10,700 ft2) in front of the terrace. Part of it is a lawn for the kids to play on, and part of it is with flowers and trees.

Q. How private is the property?

A. The property is VERY private. There is no vis-à-vis, and no one can see the pool and garden area.

Q. How secure is the place?

A. Pretty secure.  First, there is the gate at the entrance of the gated community.  One needs either remote control or a code (one to enter and another one to exit).  Then, there is our own gate controlled by a remote.

And we do have an alarm system AND are subscribing to a monitoring service.


Q. I would like to know the actual bedding in each of the rooms.

A. We have five rooms with 2 Queen size beds and 2 double size beds and 2 single beds.  On our website (, you will find the floor plans and a complete description of the rooms and beds. We do have an extra bed (futon) if necessary. We also do have baby cots, as well as bouncy chairs and high chairs for our little guests, if needed.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Q. Could you please tell me what rooms have A/C?

A. All the bedrooms feature air conditioning, Master Bedroom, Second Bedroom, and Guest-room. There is one air-conditioning unit in the middle space of the Family Suite to be shared with its two separate spaces/sleeping areas. For more detail, please refer to our web site (

Q. Can you tell me the actual distribution of the rooms?

A.  You’ll find the floor plans here:   .

Q. Please advise -- are you able to provide an infant cot?

A. We do have baby cots, as well as bouncy chairs and high chairs for our little guests.  We also provide plastic cups, small dishes, forks, and knives that are adequate for young kids.  Just let us know and we will prepare them for your arrival.

Q. Is there a safe in the house?

A. Yes, there is a safe in the house for your personal usage (in the Master bedroom).

Q. Does this villa has its own private tennis court?

A. No, the property does not have its own private tennis court. The Nice LTC (Nice Lawn Tennis Club), our tennis club, is a mere 10 minutes away, and you can easily take a temporary membership to play.

<Pool and SPA>

Q. How big is the pool?

A. The pool is 5 x 10 m (about 16 x 32 ft)

Q. Is the pool heated?

A. No, the pool is not heated. You most certainly will not need heating for the pool during the Summer from May to September as the weather is beautiful and the water warm enough. And in addition, the Spa that is located right by the pool is heated.

We usually swim without problem from May to September, and Patrick does enjoy the pool as early as April and as late as October.

Q. Does the pool have a shallow side?

A. No, there is no real shallow side in the pool for younger kids. The depth of the side near the house is about 1,20 m (4 ft) while the other side is over 2 m (about 7 ft).

Q. We have young kids in our group, is it OK?

There is nothing special concerning young kids in the house or the property, but please note that the pool, while protected by an alarm system, is not fenced.  Also, the spa will obviously require constant supervision of the children. 

Q. How big is the SPA?

A. 6 to 8 adults can easily seat in the SPA.

Q. Is the Spa available in Winter?

A. Yes, the spa (Jacuzzi) is available all year round.  It runs and heats up automatically so you can enjoy it at any time from morning until night.


Q. Do you have UK (or US) TV?

A. Yes, we do not have UK (or US) TV channels. In addition to the regular French TV channels, we have the Netflix system with movies and series in English. In addition, our Internet provider (Orange) provides the following international news channels in English and other languages: France 24 (English), Skynews, CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg Europe, BBC World News, NHK World, Deutsche Welle, TRT World, and a few more. 

Q. Is there Satellite TV?

A. Yes, we do have Netflix in the living room and the master bedroom.

<Property Manager>

Q. Do you have a local manager who does the greeting on arrival, and will help us if we have any problems while there, like an appliance failure, for example?

A.  Yes, we do have a property manager handling everything for us. He or a member of his team will welcome you upon your arrival, show you around, answer any questions you may have, etc. He will also be available during your stay if you need any help. Upon your departure, he will help you with the checkout process.

Q. Does your manager speak English?

A.  Yes, of course. Our property manager is fully bilingual and speaks both English and French (among other languages).

<The rental>

Q. Regarding the rental rate, what does it include and/or exclude?

A. The rental fee includes just about everything you will need for the house, namely the provision of bed linen and bath towels, garden maintenance, pool maintenance, and half a day (4 hours) house cleaning per week.

Our manager will also be available to you for any help you may need during your stay to make it both easier and more enjoyable. He will provide you (within reason) with necessary concierge services and help with information, restaurant reservations, extra services, etc.

Also included:

– Water, Electricity, BBQ gas (one gas bottle), salt (for the water softener), etc.

– Dishwasher detergent and cloth washer detergent

– Soap, shampoo, toilet paper, etc.

– Kitchen supply: Paper towel, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, etc., plus all kinds of spices, basic ingredients, etc.

– Wireless broadband internet access (unlimited) and satellite TV (no special PPV, of course)

Not included are the food, drinks, extra services (such as additional house cleaning, personal chef, massages, babysitter, etc.)

Q. Is Sunday to Sunday rental possible?

A. Unfortunately, as most people are requesting Saturday to Saturday periods, it is very difficult for us to consider a different scheme such as Sunday – Sunday. We will do our best to accommodate our guests’ needs. Please, contact us for detail.

Q. We are looking for a villa for our wedding (a family reunion or a birthday party). Is your villa available for such events?

A.  No, the property is not meant for such big parties with lots of people. We do not have the necessary equipment, material, or organization for this. Also, we do not allow large gatherings of people on the property (and our neighbors would not like this at all).


Q. (After confirming the availability) What is the next step for your rental process? Do we each get a copy of a signed rental agreement?

A. In order to confirm the reservation, we require a deposit and a signed rental agreement (PDF file accepted or online process), or the agreement of a standard rental platform such as Vrbo or Airbnb. The balance of the total rent will be due 30 days prior to arrival. The refundable security deposit (if any) will have to be taken care of either upon arrival or a day or two before (depending on the method chosen).And yes, we both will get a copy of the signed rental agreement.

<Payment Methods>

Q. How do we pay our deposit to secure the booking?

A. We can accept payment by bank transfer or by credit card (using a popular home rental website). Contact us for more detail.

Q. Do you accept American Express card for payment?

A. Unfortunately, the online system we use for credit card payment only accepts Visa and Master Card and does not accept American Express cards.  Contact us for more detail.

Q. Do you use the Trip Advisor - FlipKey online payment method, or Paypal?

A. No, we don’t use these at this time. We accept payments by credit cards or bank transfers. Contact us for more information.

<Check-in, Check-out>

Q. What time would we be able to check-in and what time do we need to check out?

A. Usually, guests check-in not before 4 pm and check out not after 10 am (we do need the time to clean and prepare the property).


Q. Are there any restrictions to the number of people in our group?

A.  Yes, no more than the agreed-upon number of people can stay overnight in the property. In any case, not more than ten persons should be present at any time on the premises. Please, refer to your rental agreement for the detail.

Q. Are there any other restrictions?

A. The only restriction I can think of is that the property is non-smoking, and we do not accept pets.Also, as everywhere else, we expect our guests to behave properly, and avoid making excessive noise late at night and the like.

<Others Services>

Q. We would like to know what would be the cost for a dinner at home organized by a French chef.

A.  For the private dinner, you would have to discuss and book it directly with the chef himself.  The cost will depend on the number of people, the menu, etc.).  Don’t hesitate to let us know if we can be of any help with this.

To give you an idea, we once organized a dinner for five persons and choose a nice menu (you can see the pictures on this website). The total cost, without wine, was at the time about 300 euros.

Q. What is the cost for additional cleaning and housekeeping services? Can you organize this for us?

A. The rental price includes a weekly half-day (4 hours) house cleaning by our housekeeper. Additional housekeeping can be arranged and reserved for you.  Let us know your requirements and needs, and we’ll give you all the details. 

Please, note that the situation or conditions may change at any time.  We recommend you to contact us to confirm any specific point or detail.