We love fish!



I’m so lucky to be in Nice to have fresh fish every morning from the Mediterranean sea.  I am a Sushi Master and I am quite picky when it comes to fish.  You’ve got to know where to  find the best fish in Nice and I’ll share my secret with you!



We have quite a large shopping cart which can carry up to 5 kg.  There is a big front pocket for fresh products.


If you want to get a good fish, Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday are the best days.


So, let’s go to the Fish Market!




We buy our fish at the so called Liberation Market.  There are two shellfish stands and five fish stands.





Philippe et Vero

This is my favorite fish stand “Philippe et Vero (Véronique)”, next to a shellfish stand.  They have the best quality fish in Nice.


Often I fight with other Sushi chef to get the best fish.











Tell Philippe you are a friend of Akiko.

You’ll get the best products!




Special Bonito


Today’s special is “Bonito”, brought by fisherman this same morning.  1.5 kg of bonito costs only 10 euros.

Look at this fresh eyes!




Sea bream


You’ve got to try the “Sea bream”.  They are captured very close to the shore and arrive daily to the market.

Take care!  Some of them are not local, but come from the Atlantic ocean.





Today’s menu:

Bonito: Grill on BBQ with vegetables

Prepare a sweet vinegar sauce:

2 table spoon of Soy sauce

6 table-spoon of white vinegar (recommend rice vinegar)

2 table-spoon of sugar

some Ginger (fresh or powder)

Sea bream: Grill on BBQ with Tomato, Lemon and Olive



BonitoYou ask Philippe to clean the Bonito.  Cut the vegetables, sprinkle olive oil on it, and get ready to cook!






Sea Bream


Sea Bream: You ask Philippe to clean them.  Put some salt and place slices of lemon on top.

Cut tomatoes in thin slice.  Place them on the plate and put some Nice Olive oil on top.






Heat the BBQ grill and let’s grill!







For 1.5 kg Bonito, you cook about 15 minutes on each side.







Don’t forget to get some white wine.







Bon Appétit!

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