French chef at home

During your stay at the villa, how about enjoying some real “French Haute Cuisine” at home with a professional Chef ? Many of our guests tried and enjoyed such gorgious dinner with a chef.

Emmanuel Sofonéa, Chef at home


Mr. Emmanuel Sofonéa, a professional chef confirmed by more than twenty years experience, will take care of everything for you, from the shopping of the ingredients to the preparation and serving of your dinner. For anyone loving cooking, you can look at his work and even ask about some of the secret of French Cuisine.


As this kind of service is in high demand, we recommend you to contact him and make your dinner reservation long before your stay in Nice.


He can also prepare special meals for the kids. For more detail, contact and discuss directly with Emmanuel (who is fluent in English):

Mobile : +33 (0)6 28 21 83 08
e-mail :

You’ll find more information on Emmanuel’s website  Click HERE

Here are a few pictures of our experience with Emmanuel

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