During your stay at the villa, how about enjoying some real “French Haute Cuisine”, comfortable at home, with a professional Chef? Many of our guests tried and really enjoyed what they called an amazing dinner experience with a chef.

Emmanuel Sofonéa, Chef at home

Emmanuel Sofonéa, a professional chef confirmed by more than twenty years experience, will take care of everything for you, from the shopping of the ingredients to the preparation and serving of your dinner. For anyone loving cooking, you can be present and watch him while he is working, and even ask him about some of the secrets of French Cuisine. Oh, yes, Emmanuel speaks fluent English! 

This is truly a unique and memorable experience. 

As this kind of service is in high demand, especially during the summer, we recommend you to contact him and make your dinner reservation and arrangement as early as possible before your stay in Nice.

One of the advantages of such dinner is that it is actually cheaper than going to a restaurant, mainly if you drink wine! Emmanuel doesn’t sell the wine, but will gladly recommend what to get depending on the menu items you select. And buying your bottles in a shop, you won’t pay the usual 200-300% markup applied in a restaurant!


The husband

Emmanuel can also prepare special meals for the kids. For more details, contact and discuss directly with Emmanuel (who as mentioned is fluent in English):

Mobile : +33 (0)6 28 21 83 08
e-mail : unchefchezvous@gmail.com

You’ll find more information on Emmanuel’s website  Click HERE

Here are a few pictures of our experience with Emmanuel

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Do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions about the options and choices offered by Emmanuel — we will be pleased to help you make the best selection for a memorable evening, both for the dishes and the wines.