If you don’t want to go out to eat, and if like so many people nowadays, you like sushis, then, Sushishop is probably your best  choice.  Specially for lunch time, you get two side orders free of charge with any “Plateaux” order.  This is a very good deal.  Your Sushi will be delivered in a timely manner.

Sushishop is a French born Sushi chain. They already have more than 80 restaurants all over France, and also in Belgium, Italy, Spain, New York, etc.  They work with a Michelin Guide two star chef, Thierry Marx who is well know on French TV for being one of the judge for the show “Top Chef”.  They have many interesting variations of Sushi, some of which don’t exist in Japan!

How to order:

Go to their web site: https://www.sushishop.fr/

From the left side of their home page, you click on “LIVRAISON” (Delivery).

Input Postal Code “06000”

For the shop, Select “Nice Ouest”

For the time choice: MAINTENANT (right now), AUJOURD’HUI (today), AUTRE JOUR (another day)

Sushi Shop Nice Maccarani

2 rue Maccarani

06000 Nice

Tel: 0826 826 628

Order: https://www.sushishop.fr/

Restaurant: https://restaurants.sushishop.fr/11347-sushi-shop-nice-maccarani