I meant to write about this restaurant for a while, but like anyone else, I’ve been busy, . . . well, you know what I mean.  This place is just great. The food is innovative, inventive, fresh, tasty, excellent, and in addition, the wine list is not just full of gems, but it is also very (and I mean very) reasonably priced.

Les Deux Canailles


The chef is Japanese but learned all the basics of the “cuisine française” in Europe, and the “maître d’hôtel” or butler, is Franco-Japanese, from Nice.  The food is definitely French, but with a Japanese touch.

This is a small place and you really need to reserve a table in advance.  And as Henry IV was saying, “Good Food and Good Wine, it’s paradise on earth!”

The restaurant is located at 6, rue Chauvin, in the city.  You can call them at:

For more information, just have a look at their web site:  https://www.lesdeuxcanailles.com/