Cours Saleya

The Cours Saleya is located in the entrance of the Old City.  It’s known for the  flower market that takes place there, but we often go there as well for its general market to buy fresh food, particularly organic vegetables.  It opens from 6:00 AM to noon and is closed on Monday (there is an antique market on Monday).   Nice-6665   Lots of local people come here for shopping too.  3 euros for the plate is a really good deal!           Cours Saleya Farmers come here with their own products.  There are many Organic (BIO) stands as well.         Cours Saleya   Freshly baked breads.  Whole wheat, with cereal, with olives, with nuts, etc.  Fougasse with olive is so tasty.   Cours Saleya               Cours Saleya   Local goat cheese.  You should try the fresh one.         Cours Saleya   Local honey productor.  Depending on the season, they have different flavors, such as Lavender,  Accasia, chestnuts, Eucalypse, Orange, etc.         Cours Saleya Candied fruits are Nice’s specialty.     Cours Saleya               Cours Saleya         Cours Saleya               Cours Saleya   Cours Saleya                 Cours Saleya