BBQ at home


Make your life very simple.  How about a BBQ for lunch or dinner?  In Nice, you can find incredibly fresh mediterranean vegetables, such as Tomato, Egg plant, Zuccini, peppers, etc.  Also fresh fishes from the Mediterranean sea arrive everyday in an open air market (except on Mondays).  With salt, pepper and fresh Nice olive oil, everything tastes so good.

Ready to cook

T-borne steak with Garlic Tomatoes and Potatoes



Menu is very simple.  Beef with mediterranean mixed herbs, tomatoes (cut into half with some salt, garlic powder and persil), and potatoes.





Cot de boeuf

Down the hill, there is a supermarket, a bakery, and a butcher.  If you tell the butcher you’re planning a BBQ, they will suggest you different kinds of meat.





Weber Gas BBQ grill

Weber Gas BBQ grill

Gas BBQ grill is easy way to cook delicious dishes.  You can check the inside temperature with the gauge on the lid.


Bon apetit!

Bon appétit !


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