You are in Nice, in the Capital of the French Riviera or Côte d’Azur. There are plenty of places to visit, museum to see, beautiful beaches with all kind of water sports, old medieval villages, natural sceneries, famous cities such as Cannes or Monaco, interesting towns such as Grasse, the world perfume capital, Eze and its incredible setting on a cliff, etc.

There are also what seems to be an unlimited number of great restaurants to try, from the simple familial place in the old city to the best of the best 3 star Michelin in Monaco. You can enjoy exciting night life or even try your luck at a Casino (in Nice, in Monte Carlo).

Here are a few suggestions and information about places around you while you enjoy the villa. This is just a small list of personal suggestions, places we tried and enjoyed. Obviously, this list is small and limited and there are plenty  more places for you to discover.

And obviously, these are just ideas — your taste and experience may differ from ours.